How Hiring Professional Cleaners Improves the Quality of Cleaning and Improves Work Performance

While many praise multi-tasking, in truth multi-tasking is a question of quality verses quantity. I know an employer and on every job interview he asks the interviewee, “If you have 3 tasks to do and each task takes an hour but you only have 2 hours to do them what do you do?” The common answer (and the one that denies them the job) is “I try to do them in 2 hours.” The right answer is, “I do 2 of them and I do the 3rd one at a later time.” What this question reveals is an important outlook: Are you interested in making sure the job is done correctly and be a little delayed or are you interested in just making sure the job is done within the correct time frame but with low quality. Or to put it more simply, “Are you more interested in the quality of the work or the quantity of the work?” Certain jobs take time to do and rushing through them doesn’t improve work performance. Or to quote my father, “Nine pregnant women can’t have a baby in a month.”

We know that talking on a phone while driving causes more accidents and driver worse than drivers who don’t multi-task (all else being equal). Research supports the idea that multi-tasking reduces work performance.  A study published in the American Psychological Society’s Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance found that people who multitask are actually less productive than those who focus on one project at a time. More specifically, the research discovered that people actually lose time when they must switch from one task to another.

According to David Meyer, one of the three researchers who led the study and whose ongoing research on multitasking as a psychology professor at the University of Michigan continues to be highlighted by the media worldwide:  “Trying to do two or three things at once or in quick succession can take longer overall than doing them one at a time and may leave you with reduced brainpower to perform each task.” Meyer and his fellow researchers refer to this downtime as the “switch cost,” which, they say, occurs in two distinct stages: goal shifting (I want to do this instead of that) and rule activation (I’m turning off the rules for that task and switching them on for this one).

Research published by the National Institute of Mental Health not only supports these findings, but also shows that the time lapse is longer when subjects are asked to immediately switch back to a task they were performing than when they are allowed to wait a bit longer, which means more costly downtime for employers. And according to Meyer’s co-researcher Joshua Rubinstein, no industry is immune: “If you went in to an industry and identified a bunch of tasks that people in that industry do, you could very easily estimate what the losses were from having employees go through these shifts between tasks.”

According to Meyer, “Not being able to concentrate for, say, tens of minutes at a time, may mean it’s costing a company as much as 20 percent to 40 percent.” What this means is that that by asking workers to take time out of their day to clean as opposed to hiring professional cleaners doesn’t end up saving money since the result is longer hours (more pay) and/or work performance which results in attracting less customers to your business.

If you are interested in having your office cleaned, it’s best to hire professional cleaners to clean your building. If you are interested in having your office cleaned, please contact Champion Cleaning Solutions for a free estimate via email.

How to Know Which Green Cleaning Products Are Best?

It seems since the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth going green has been all the rage. Many companies are now offering green cleaning products and cleaning companies are offering green cleaning.

Green cleaning is important for one’s health and the environment, but before buying environmentally friendly cleaning products it’s important to know that the green cleaning products one will use actually work and are really environmentally friendly and not just advertising that they are.  The following are criteria I recommend using to know which products are really green and which products actually clean:


It’s important when looking for green cleaning supplies to find environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that contain as few ingredients as possible. And also with as few ingredients that sound like they are scientific names and unpronounceable chemicals in them as possible. The more natural the ingredients are (as opposed to synthetically created ingredients) the better.

Green cleaning products don’t have to list what ingredients are in their products since listing them would give away their “secret formula.” Though green cleaning products don’t have to mention the ingredients they contain, there are green cleaning products which do. It’s best to only use green cleaning products that list the ingredients they use; this is because if you know what are in the products, you can find out if the cleaning solutions are actually green and can actually clean. Also, if a cleaning manufacturer cares about providing environmentally friendly products (as opposed to selling green cleaning because they are popular with consumers) than they wouldn’t feel the need to have a “secret formula” but would want their consumers to know that the products they are buying are actually green. After all, if a cleaning product is hiding what the product contains there is probably a reason why. It’s important to be a little skeptical when looking for green cleaning supplies.

When looking at the ingredients of green cleaning products it’s important to make sure that the products have materials that don’t hurt the ozone, to make sure the ingredients are biodegradable, contain no bleach, no phosphates, no (or at least very low) VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no substances that come from petroleum, but use renewable resources instead, no added dyes (except for safety reasons). It’s also important to make sure that the products don’t have any added fragrances (just because a product smell clean doesn’t mean it is. Added scents are put into products to portray added cleanliness, but in reality, a clean scent doesn’t make something cleaner than something that lacks a clean smell).



Though a clean smell doesn’t mean something is clean, in the case of green cleaning it’s important to judge a book by its cover. It’s important to make sure that the packaging of the product is recyclable. After all, if a product really cares about the environment wouldn’t they want to make the product come in a recyclable packaging?

Another thing to look for is if the cleaning product comes in a concentrated formula where you add water and does the package have instructions for how much water to add? Also, does the product come with refillable bottles and if so does the package mention how to buy refills?

Other Important Things to Look For:


Price-It’s best to check out similar green cleaning products and if a product costs more than other similar products, it’s best to find out why. Why pay for than you need to? If a product seems to be expensive, it’s best to know that it’s worth it before hand and to see if the product is integral or if it can be replaced with another similar cleaning solution.

Performance-It’s important to make sure that what you are buying works. Why go on a blind purchase (unless you are sure that the product you’re getting is environmentally friendly and cleans well). It’s important to Google the product and check out reviews to hear what other people have to say before one buys the product.

Another important factor is to make sure that the product wasn’t test on animals; many green cleaning products follow this rule and don’t test their product on animals.

If you are interested in hiring a professional cleaning company that offers green cleaning, make sure the green cleaning products they use are really environmentally friendly and work. Look at the ingredients, check the packaging to make sure the packaging the product uses is recyclable.

Now that you know what to look for when hiring a professional green cleaning company and green cleaning products, the staff at Champion Cleaning Solutions would like to wish you must luck in being happy with the green cleaning products you buy. We hope the green cleaning products do as good a job

(if not better) at cleaning. Good Luck! Continue reading